Sunday, January 11, 2009

Frustration, Envy, & Luddites

Labels are a bitch! Our friend Kevin ( ) always has rockin' labels on his beers, I'm quite envious. His girlfriend recently called me a Luddite: one who opposes and dislikes technological advancements. She has a point.
We've been working on designing our logo, which we've got down in one format but can't seem to get it transfered from that format so that we can use it wherever we want. Hence why you don't see it on here yet. Believe me, it is something we're working on!
For our labels, we're in a dilemma of sorts. So far I've been drawing some of the characters, but again, trying to get them looking nice and onto labels is proving to be quite tricky for me. There are many programs you can use, and while we've had a good one, it is the one that won't allow things to be transfered out.
Today, at Kevin's suggestion, we downloaded Justin has used it before as well and likes it. But, the Luddite in me is having troubles figuring out how to use it. I can't just tell it what I want and have it magically appear. One solution would be to just hire someone to do this all for us, but right now that would be quite silly, and besides we are DIY people, so that would feel like cheating or failing. It just wouldn't work out to well. It looks like we're going to have a couple long nights of trying to explain things to Carrie ahead of us.