Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Perfect Place to Have a Beer?

Rick Lyke over at http://lyke2drink.blogspot.com recently blogged about an article he'd written in the new issue of All About Beer magazine titled "150 Perfect Places to Have a Beer". Check it out here: http://lyke2drink.blogspot.com/2010/06/beer-traveler-150-perfect-places-to.html - it's a very good list.
However, in our opinion, some of the best places are missing. Here is our brief list of some of those places.

*In your local pub
*In a pub or brewery you're visiting for the 1st time
*On the deck, with dinner
*On the front porch with friends as it pours down around you
*Beside a bonfire while camping
*Overlooking the water
*With fellow homebrewers
*With other beer snobs
*At a homebrewer's gathering, such as with your local beer guild!
*At the judges' table during a brewing competition
*At someone's homemade bar
*On someone else's tab
*When you're accepting the gigantic lottery check

.. Ok, now we're getting silly. But you get the picture. Some of the best places aren't named, don't have websites, and are just moments in time.

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Doug said...

Most of the times that I have a beer in a "great" beer place, I am bothered by the crowds. I'm just NOT that social...

I really enjoy having a beer with a few friends or in a beautiful (natural) location. Soon, my "beer garden" will qualify for the latter. Now, if I could only find some friends, I'd be set...